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Perrigo is one of the United States' largest manufacturers of nutrition products for the store brand market. Nutrition products include infant formula, pediatric nutritionals and vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Perrigo's store brand infant formula business provides families with high-quality nutrition at sensible prices. Our infant formula-manufacturing facilities are located in Vermont and Ohio, U.S.A. Our dairy ingredients are sourced from leading dairy markets, including the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Our pediatric nutritionals business extends our commitment to children well beyond infancy. Our baby cereals, toddler foods, and pediatric nutritional drinks are available as store brands at various retail locations throughout the United States and the international community.

For consumers, our products offer 30-50 percent savings versus advertised brands with comparable ingredients and performance.*

For retail customers, our store brand products generate substantially more profit than the national advertised brands and offer great value to their customers.

For more information on the store brand infant formula business, visit

* Retail prices are from an August 2013 retail price survey of national retail stores. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location.

Store Brand Infant Formulas

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