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A Spotlight on..... Sabrina Eymann

s eymann

Sabrina Eymann is a Senior Marketing Manager based at our Perrigo Paris location. Sabrina joined Perrigo in 2016 and has successfully developed her career within our Marketing function. Find out below why Sabrina feels that Perrigo is the best environment for her to build her career! 

How long have you worked here? Can you tell us more about your role and background? Thanks to my degree in Marketing and Management from Grenoble School of Management, I started my career in sales and marketing for a leading French Pharmaceutical company. I joined Perrigo four years ago as Product Manager for Phytosun Arôms and I was promoted to Marketing Manager for the Medicine group one year after my arrival. I’m now a Senior Marketing Manager, in charge of the Lifestyle group with a team of 4 Product Managers. As Senior Marketing Manager, I manage the team in order to define strategy for our brands and make sure that we reach our objectives. I work very closely with the corporate team to present and support our strategy. 

What made you decide to join Perrigo? I decided to join Perrigo because it offered me the ability to have an impact. On the one hand, we have the advantage that Perrigo is very flexible, we have processes but we can go very fast when needed and on the other hand we have the advantages of working for a big company (R&D - Innovation – Media investment - training) 

How has your career progressed since you joined Perrigo?  I am very proud of my Perrigo career because in five years, I have been promoted three times. Perrigo has allowed me to evolve in my function and help me build my career. When I joined Perrigo as a Product Manager, within a few months I got the opportunity to take the lead of international marketing for the brand Phytosun Arôms. Then, I became Marketing Manager where I developed my expertise of management by leading a team of 2 Product Managers. Finally, and this is why I’m so proud to work for Perrigo, I went on maternity leave and when I returned, I was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager with a team of 4 product managers. As a next step in my career, I would love to have an international experience in another Perrigo country.

What keeps you at Perrigo? Perrigo offers me the possibility to evolve in my position. I receive training and great support from my manager. 

What is your favourite part of your role? My favourite part of my job is my scope of responsibility. I’m learning every day because I’m managing so many different types of situations and issues. I like also the team spirit that we have in place that helps us to reach our common objectives. 

What is your career highlight so far? I have two major successes in my Perrigo Career, one is the successful launch of a cough syrup when I was Product Manager and the other one is the fact that as a manager I’m building a strong team and developing talent. 

What would you say to people thinking about applying to Perrigo? They can expect a worldwide, flexible company with the possibility to make things change and evolve. Don’t hesitate! Upload your CV today/reach out to a member of the TA team…

How would you describe the company culture? I would say International culture; we work every day with many Perrigo countries which is very enriching. Also we have a clear business trajectory and all people work towards the same direction as a team. 

What do you like about life at Perrigo? We have a good cross functional collaboration, people respect each other and we can move forward easily. We are very solution-oriented. Also, we have a good atmosphere - we try to have fun and relax moment especially during this Pandemic.

Tell us a unique fact about yourself! Hahah, not easy but one fun fact is that I started my career as a Product Manager for calibrated pipette, the one that you can see on most TV shows (Manhattan Expert / NCIS), I also graduated in calibration. It took me almost 4 months to realise that it was not for me. My friends are still making fun of me to this day!


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