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Perrigo recognizes that we impact the environment in a variety of ways, and is committed to promoting environmental stewardship by calculating and reducing our global footprint on energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste and recycling.

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Greenhouse Gases, Water and Recycling

GHG emissions increased by 10.2% or 19,624 MTCO2-e in Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15); this increase includes the addition of new facilities to increase our future capacity. Our GHG intensity, or the amount of emissions per sales dollar to accommodate for our growth, continues to trend similarly year over year with a 2.7% increase in pounds of emissions per sales dollar, measured over the same FY15 period.

Water use trends for FY2015 were mixed for Perrigo, in terms of total water withdrawn and intensity by sales. The total water withdrawn increased by 7.8 million gallons, or 2.3%, from Fiscal Year 2014. This is primarily due to company growth and including more sites in the calculation. However, there was a 4.8% decrease in intensity, which is water used per sales dollar. Various water conservation measures were initiated during 2015 to support this reduction, including but not limited to:

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrades were kicked off for Perrigo Vermont that are expected to yield energy saving of 1,340,000 KWH per year and eliminate 724 tons per year of Green House Gas emissions.
  • Perrigo India (PIN) implemented a process to recycle water at a rate of over 1,500 gallons per day.
  • Perrigo Michigan Plant 5 implemented purified water reduction efforts in December 2014 that played a major role in this facility reducing water withdrawn by about 2 million gallons for the year.

Recycling efforts for FY15 had improved results, with most areas reporting increased recycling efforts. Overall, total Perrigo recycled waste was up by 7.9%, or over a million pounds, due to total volume increase in the recycling of plastics, corrugated materials, and a renewed focus to reduce our waste going to landfills and increase recycling across all Perrigo operations.

On January 2016, Perrigo established the corporate goal to reduce the energy used, water withdrawn, total waste and greenhouse gases emitted by 15% by 2020 for all of our operations. Using 2015 as a baseline, we will normalize this goal by our sales to accommodate for growth.

Continuously improving packaging sustainability

Throughout the year a number of initiatives are pursued to reduce packaging size. Most notably, changes to our Omeprazole packaging alone reduced the need for tens of thousands of pounds of paper and plastic every year.

Additionally, corrugated shippers and containerboard used in our U.S. facilities is, on average, made of more than 50% recycled material, if not 100% post-consumer recycled content. All cartons and fiber content used are also certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Perrigo continuously improves the sustainability of our packaging by regularly including evaluation of display packaging, case pack options and carton-less options for new product development projects and package change requests.

Advocacy through Action

Perrigo annually celebrates Earth Day and Arbor Day with activities or fun competitions that promote education and awareness around environmental topics. Employees also have participated in a variety of land and waterfront clean-up efforts.

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