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We Are Perrigo - Employee Spotlights

Perrigo believes our differences create a more innovative workplace filled with unique ideas that reach consumers from every walk of life. By acknowledging and embracing our different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, we become even more aware of our unique consumer needs. TOGETHER, we make lives better. 

perrigo locations

A Spotlight on..... Perrigo Locations

We are present in over 38 locations across the globe. 

Whether you are based in the US, UK, or across Europe and beyond - find out what it's like to work at our various Perrigo locations! 

A Spotlight on Locations

Perrigo functions

A Spotlight on..... Perrigo Functions

We value the important role that each function plays in achieving our goal of making lives better.

Find out about the various functions at Perrigo from our employees!

A Spotlight on Functions

perrigo peoples

A Spotlight on..... Perrigo People

We have approximately 9,000 employees at Perrigo - each with a unique story, background, and perspective! 

Get to know some of the people at Perrigo - why they joined and why they stay! 

A Spotlight on People

perrigo hiring

A Spotlight on..... Perrigo  Hiring 

We are constantly looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our teams!

Find out from our employees why they joined, how they found the hiring process, and how things are going so far!

A Spotlight on Hiring