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Consumer Self-Care International: Well-known Self-care Brands Across Europe

The Consumer Self-Care International (CSCI) segment develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes well-known European self-care brands in the natural health and vitamins, cough, cold and allergy, oral care, smoking cessation, personal care and derma-therapeutics and lifestyle categories.


Developing Well-known Self-Care Brands Across Europe

The CSCI segment primarily focuses on building established local brands, offered through strong customer partnerships with over 100,000 pharmacists coupled with effective commercial strategies. Many CSCI products are top sellers in the markets in which they compete.

Meeting Consumers at their Point of Need

Consumer Self-Care International’s diversified portfolio of leading local brands and position Perrigo to meet several consumer trends:

•    Increasing demand for natural, pure, environmentally friendly offerings
•    Increasing desire for brands tailored to local preferences
•    Pharmacy increasingly the Point-of-Care vs. visits to the doctor
•    Expanding consumer confidence in buying self-care products online 

Dependable Brands Across a Multitude of Markets

Perrigo’s expansive commercial footprint in Europe enables us to offer some of the most well-known branded self-care products in the more than 30 markets we serve.

Our ability to leverage our world-class manufacturing network, consumer-centric innovation and marketing, and the ability to support personalized consumer experiences enables Perrigo to offer more than 5,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) across 200 brands.