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A History of Convenient Healthy Solutions

Perrigo started from humble beginnings more than 130 years ago in rural Michigan. Today, it is one of the largest over-the-counter (OTC) self-care companies selling products globally.


The Early Years


In 1887, Luther Perrigo, the owner of a general store and apple-drying business, had the idea to package and distribute patented medicines and household items for country stores. Luther launched the "private label" concept as a way to enhance customer loyalty. For no additional cost, Perrigo offered to imprint the store's name on the labels of epsom salts, sweet oil, bay rum and dozens of other wet and dry goods stocked in general stores.

Deep Roots in Manufacturing Excellence

Perrigo opened its first manufacturing facility in Allegan, Michigan in 1921 and signed its first, large private-label customer in the mid-1930s, paving the way for its conversion from a re-packager of home remedies to a manufacturer of affordable healthcare products.

This shift in strategic direction drove Perrigo's growth over the next several decades and serves as the heritage that guides the Company's mission today.


A Growing Business

Perrigo's growth was driven further by the advent of prescription-to-over-the-counter ("Rx-to-OTC") switches, where prescription products began to become available over the counter. These Rx-to-OTC switches provided Perrigo with opportunities to launch new store brand versions of products such as Advil®, Tylenol®, Flonase®, Allegra®, Prilosec®, Nicorette® and many more.

Between 1997 and 2013 Perrigo began a rapid expansion with acquisitions into global markets, adding new store brand OTC categories such as infant formula and animal health, and solidifying the Company as a global leader in consumer products.

Perrigo Today

Today, Perrigo Company is dedicated to making lives better by bringing quality affordable, self-care products that consumers trust everywhere they are sold. 

The Company is a leading provider of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions that enhance individual well-being by empowering consumers to proactively prevent or treat conditions that can be self-managed.