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Instructions for Obtaining Certifications

  1. Obtain the packing slip for the shipment in question.

  2. Double Click on the Part Number link below to open the spreadsheet.

  3. Depress the Control button and the 'F' button concurrently on your keyboard to open the search function for your specific part number.

  4. Enter the Customer Part# or the Perrigo Part# or the UPC #from the packing slip for which you are requesting a certification and depress the enter button. (The cursor will move down to your part number)

  5. Record the corresponding certification number for the specific Customer or Perrigo part.

  6. Close the window for the Part Number link.

  7. Double click on the Certification Number document below that corresponds to the Customer or Perrigo part.

  8. Print the certification.

Documented demonstration of CPSIA compliance requires the packing slip, the part number list (which provides the corresponding certification number), and the certificate.






For questions regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the CPSC Conformity document may be found at: