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A Spotlight on..... Beth Burns


Beth Burns joined Perrigo UK in 2019 and is currently one of our National Account Managers. Find out why she joined the team and how life at Perrigo is going so far! 


What is your background and experience, tell us about you! Firstly, I went into veterinary nursing where I completed a qualification in customer service. I went on to do a business degree in Leeds where I took a summer to work for Walt Disney World in Florida. Then, prior to Perrigo I worked for a tea and coffee manufacturer in a sales role. I am now the account manager for Morrisons from a branded and store brand perspective with a keen interest in sustainability which came from working in the drinks industry. Also, I have an interest in efficiency from my dissertation on Lean principles, so I like to explore continuous improvements wherever opportunities arise. 

What attracted you to join Perrigo? Throughout the process I could tell that I wasn’t just getting a job, I was joining a company and a team that wanted us to work together to be the best versions of ourselves and live the company ethos. They encouraged moving into different roles and functions within the business in the future to aid my development. I knew it was the right company for the next step in my career with a large brand portfolio and all the opportunities they have to offer as a global selfcare company. 

What made you think the role with Perrigo ticked more boxes than roles in other companies? It came from all the people I met throughout the interview process. You could tell how much they loved working for Perrigo and there was a great camaraderie between them, showcasing a real team atmosphere! They spoke highly of Perrigo, that they lived and breathed their values everyday which I was aligned to right away. Also, the global scale of the business meant there could be opportunities for me in the future, not only in different roles but also countries, which has always been a great interest to me. 

What were you most excited about before you joined us? I was looking forward to getting branded experience and Perrigo has a great portfolio of well known, reputable brands. The wide range of brands would allow me to learn about most categories within healthcare. I was also excited about all the development opportunities they had as a company with the portfolio of training courses and materials available for employees. 

What surprised you about the role when you first joined ? The variety of tasks within my role – there are no boundaries to what I could be involved in week to week which is exciting as there is always something new to learn. The company welcomes ideas and genuinely wants multiple perspectives so your ability to have an impact was greater than I expected. 

How have you found the experience working from home during the pandemic? From the very first day we were asked to work from home, Perrigo have been supportive and has made every effort to make it as comfortable and positive as possible. It is almost embarrassing telling friends all the engagement, equipment, activities and support we have been given throughout all the pandemic which I know many have not received! I was pleasantly surprised by how well Perrigo adapted to being completely online, with communication amongst us as a team and a wider business remained very consistent and effective. 

Tell us about the best day you’ve had so far? Some of the best days since I have joined have been the days we have come together as a business, such as our customer first conference and strategy days with customers. I learn so much from these days about our business and it makes you proud to be a part of a passionate, knowledgeable business that only wants the best for its employees and customers.  

Why would you recommend Perrigo to other potential joiners? Perrigo stands out to me as company time and time again, from the talented people who I get to learn from every day, the support throughout the pandemic from our management team, and employee perks including healthcare, bonus structure and development training.  

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? I have always cared for and loved animals, so I have my daily routine of looking after my own. I enjoy spending weekends competing my horse which has slowed down over the years from eventing, to now dressage. With my latest addition being my baby donkey, who is currently getting prepared to be our ring bearer at our wedding this year. Then, when I get some spare time, I do the usual spending time with family, friends and playing sports. 


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