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A Spotlight on..... Gerald A.


Gerald recently joined the team in Allegan, Michigan as Company Store Supervisor! Find out below why he joined and what he's enjoying most about being part of Perrigo! 


What is your background and experience, tell us about you! My wife, daughter, son and I live here in Allegan.  I graduated from Western Michigan University where I studied Business Management.  Also, I’ve been a part of some amazing teams across various different industries. As a leader each position has given me the chance to learn and grow.  

What attracted you to join Perrigo? I love living in Allegan and working with the community.  Perrigo has been such a huge asset here.  I wanted to join the Perrigo Team and am happy to have found a role where I could give back and help others.

What made you think the role with Perrigo ticked more boxes than roles in other companies? Perrigo’s mission statement matches my own beliefs.  Also, I was really pleased to learn during the interview process that there are a lot of great people here who care about their teams, customers, communities and the company.  I had a very positive experience and knew this was a great opportunity.  

What were you most excited about before you joined us? I could not wait to meet the Perrigo Team and the Company Store customers. There are a lot of wonderful people that work for Perrigo. Plus, there are so many great customers who shop in our store. This is an exciting position!

What has surprised you (about the job) in the first 30 days? Perrigo has done a wonderful job keeping their employees and customers safe.  During my first 30 days, there were quite a few improvements that were taking place and it reinforced how much our company cares.

How have you found the experience starting directly from home? This is an interesting time and Perrigo has invested to ensure that things run smoothly. I have been given the tools I need to work onsite or at my house. My orientation group consisted of in-person and virtual new hires. There was great interaction and preparation during onboarding. I am very thankful that Perrigo has been very accommodating.

Tell me about the best day you’ve had so far? Honestly the best days I have had are when my team and I give back to our community. There are so many wonderful people doing great things and we love to help. 

Why would you recommend Perrigo to other potential joiners? Perrigo has a great company culture and has a clear mission and vision. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to grow. Plus, you work with a very talented team in an exciting industry.  

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Spending time with my family is on the top of my list. Perrigo truly has wonderful work-life balance. Since joining the team, I have been able to do things that I might have missed in previous roles.  


We are always looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our teams at Perrigo. Take your next career step today and check out our live vacancies!