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A Spotlight on..... Paul Wetzel


Paul Wetzel joined Perrigo in 2021 as Customer Supply Chain Manager based in Michigan.  Below he shares some quick insights into why he joined and what he has enjoyed most about his journey so far! 


What is your background and experience, tell us about you! I started my career in retail managing big-box retail stores for many years. I made the transition to Supply Chain about 6 years ago and found a deep appreciation and enjoyment of working with data to help improve my team’s performance and drive business improvements. A little less than a year ago I made the move to Perrigo.

What attracted you to join Perrigo? Two things. One, I have multiple friends who worked here and really enjoyed their roles and told me about the great opportunities Perrigo has for career advancement. Secondly, the vision around Self-Care and helping families and consumers. We make products people need that help them take care of their families that are affordable.  Being a small part of something that helps drive the greater good really enticed me.

What were you most excited about before you joined us? I’ve used data quite a bit in previous roles, but this role is very focused on it. I was excited to continue to develop my analytical skills, not just manipulating data, but using it to help drive business.  

What has surprised you (about the job) in the first 30 days? The ability to learn and grow into your role. I was given the time to understand the specifics of what my role entailed and how to get it done. Additionally, the support from my bosses and peers. They were always ready to answer my questions no matter how big or small.

How have you found the experience of our Hybrid working style? I have found it very refreshing, in that I’m able to focus on solving problems without distraction. Additionally, the collaboration has been better in my view as there is intentional purpose when getting together with others. You come together with a purpose when you meet with your teammates whether on Webex/phone/etc. It’s really cut out a lot of the extraneous distractions that I never realized were so prevalent in an office environment. 


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