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A Spotlight on..... Rute Coelho


Rute Coelho is a Regulatory Project Manager based in Lisbon, Portugal! She joined Perrigo in December 2021 and below she shares some insights into her journey so far!


What is your background and experience, tell us about you! The Pharmaceutical industry is my biggest passion and I really enjoy doing my job every day since I believe that my job impacts many lives! I have several experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, including production, distribution, quality, and regulatory affairs. In my spare time I love reading and travelling!

What attracted you to join Perrigo? The responsibility and ability to have an impact in healthcare. It was giving me the opportunity to work in a global scope, learn about different markets, and share knowledge on a worldwide base.

What made you think the role with Perrigo ticked more boxes than roles in other companies? From the beginning of the recruitment process I felt a great empathy with the people involved and with the project I was going to embrace, an ambitious project with the opportunity to interact with different areas of the company, both nationally and internationally.

What were you most excited about before you joined us? The integration process generated an enormous desire to get to know my team, understand the company's projects and identify how I could positively contribute to the company's growth.

What has surprised you in the first 30 days? The team has a wide scope of responsibilities, however there was an effort to make me feel integrated and to ensure I grasped a good understanding of company processes.

How have you found the experience starting directly from home? The onboarding happened mostly virtually. Although I think that the interpersonal contact would have been a positive addition, I still felt that my new starter experience was not compromised!

What has been your highlight so far since joining? Since joining the company, my team has given me the support I need for day-to-day challenges and has inspired me to think differently.

Why would you recommend Perrigo to other potential joiners? It is a company that thinks differently, has the right culture and upskill opportunities!

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? I really enjoy spending my free time with my family and friend, reading and watching series/movies.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is major focus for Perrigo. We believe that by acknowledging and embracing our different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we become even more aware of our unique consumer needs. TOGETHER, we make lives better.

What does DEI mean to you? D&I is important to create a good and healthy environment for improvement and growth. D&I allows us to create an environment where everyone is represented and where everyone can share their opinion and use their identity and personality for the positive development of the company and their colleagues.

What has influenced your thinking around DEI? Both our personal experience and the growing concern of companies in D&I initiatives have increased my awareness for themes that should be more and more thought and discussed.

We are always looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our teams at Perrigo. Take your next career step today and check out our live vacancies!