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A Spotlight on..... Rutendo Deve


Rutendo joined our Perrigo London location as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate during the pandemicShe is involved in the Business Development division of the business, working on multiple regulatory projects that are specifically aimed at growing our commercial capacity! Check out how she found the hiring process and what has surprised her since joining Perrigo!


What is your background and experience, tell us about you! I am a Pharmacist by profession with a proven track record in the pharmaceutical regulatory industry and extensive experience of dealing with pharmaceutical regulatory submissions and medicines at large. I graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours and further pursued postgraduate studies at UCL of Drug discovery and Pharma Management which played a pivotal role in advancing my career. Key to my experience have been the opportunities I have had previously to work as a Regulatory Officer/ Inspector and Scientific Classifier for Health Authorities- Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) and the MHRA respectively. More recently I have also worked for a global pharmaceutical company as a Hub Submission Manager, playing a key role in the planning and monitoring of regulatory submissions to health authorities.  

What attracted you to join Perrigo? The story of Perrigo as a company is a very compelling one, the journey to becoming a key player on the pharmaceutical landscape as one of the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of consumer self-care products. Joining Perrigo was an opportunity I believed would provide me with a great learning experience working on some interesting products within their portfolio which directly empower consumers to take ownership and responsibility for the prevention and treatment of conditions that can be self-managed. Above all, what attracted me to join Perrigo is that they are a top employer known to provide an inclusive and engaging environment which supports career development and drives individual career success.

What made you think the role with Perrigo ticked more boxes than roles in other companies? Early on during the recruitment process, the people I engaged with were very supportive and provided clear guidance pertaining to the interview process in a very professional manner. The ultimate conviction was during the interviews themselves where my interviewers conducted themselves in a highly professional and friendly manner which provided a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere which enabled me to perform my best. The interview questions pertaining to the role and the scope of responsibility were a clear indication this was the perfect role for me.

What has surprised you in the first 30 days? There are two key things that have surprised me about the job to date. Firstly, I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of team engagement I have found at Perrigo especially considering the current situation with the global pandemic and subsequent remote working. I was able to know all my teammates by name and identify them by face by the end of 2 weeks, despite working remotely! The team engagement activities are very effective to foster good professional relationships and building of good working relationships within a team environment

The second thing that pleasantly surprised me is how my role directly impacts the commercial strategy of the business. On a weekly basis, as part of the business development team, in a regulatory function, I am involved in a high-level meeting with the Commercial Strategy Director who plays a key role in overseeing all commercial issues concerning the UK business for Perrigo. This broad scope of responsibility for my role contributes to motivating me by knowing the impact I have on the success of the business as a regulatory professional.

How have you found the experience starting directly from home? I have had a very positive and engaging virtual on-boarding experience. All the equipment I need for my work was provided in good time and effective technological induction was carried out in a satisfactory manner. I was very happy that my working needs were considered as a priority. Further to this, my manager arranged several virtual meetings where I could meet all the key members of my team including contributors and key stakeholders to the cross-functional team set up. I found this process very smooth and highly engaging.

Why would you recommend Perrigo to other potential joiners? Perrigo has a collaborative and inclusive culture with a supportive management system which fosters learning and growth. Additionally, the benefits and perks are very attractive and competitive with market trends. Overall, opportunities for learning and development to foster career growth and progression are available.  If you prefer a role where you feel valued and where your contribution makes a visible difference to the business, Perrigo is the place to work!

Work-life balance is important! What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? Outside of work I like to do a lot of outdoor activities with my family and take part in creative activities such as music and art. A good work-life balance is very important to me as a working mum and the flexible working that Perrigo enables for its employees is a key factor in being a top employer for me. In allowing flexible working options, I am able to be highly productive in both my professional and personal life which ultimately promotes good well-being!


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