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A Spotlight on..... Mallory Dickey


Mallory Dickey is one of our Validation Specialists located at our Perrigo Ohio facility! Below she tells us a little bit about the location and why she thinks it is a great place to work!


What location are you based in? I am based at the Perrigo Ohio (POH) location. Our facility is in Covington, a small village outside of Troy, OH. 

Can you tell me a little bit about the Ohio location at Perrigo? POH is a small facility, employing around 100 people. We process infant formula, including Perrigo’s most sensitive Extensively Hydrolyzed formula. Though the facility is in a small area, it is a short distance to well populated municipalities, like Dayton.   

Tell me about your commute to work? How do other colleagues commute to work? My personal commute is just under 40 minutes. Many people live within 20-30 minutes of the facility and access the plant by I-75, the major interstate of the area, which makes the commute quite accessible! 

What is a typical day like for you when in the office? I typically spend the day working on validation documents and collaborating with a multitude of team members (management, operators, quality, safety, maintenance) to plan smooth and efficient projects at the plant.   

What’s your typical lunchtime spot? I typically pack my lunch to minimize the need to re-zone into the facility!

How would you describe the Ohio location? Friendly, supportive, and team oriented.  

What are the development opportunities at Perrigo Ohio? One of the best parts of POH is the recognition and assistance to develop your career demonstrated here. I began as a Chemist in the lab and my manager recognized my potential, helping me to develop the skillset to move up as a Validation Specialist.  

What’s your favourite part about the Ohio location? My favourite part about POH is the people I work with. The management team is supportive and encourages collaboration. My colleagues recognize that we all have a common goal to produce safe, quality formula for infants.  

How would you describe the leadership style at a local level? The leadership at POH tends to be supportive and act as leaders instead of bosses. They succeed at coaching and growing their employees to be the best they can be.  

Do you prefer to work from home or in the office? Why? I enjoy a mixture of both. Being in the office helps me feel involved and connected to my work and my team members. Working from home allows me to focus when I need to write documentations.  

What makes the Ohio location a great place to work? The people who work here and the proximity to major highways and urban areas make POH a great place to work.  POH is also effective at allowing employees a great work-life balance and many of the positions are flexible. They understand you are a person first. 

We are always looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our teams at Perrigo. Take your next career step today and check out our live vacancies!