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A Spotlight on..... Carolina Chaves


Carolina Chaves is one of our Customer Strategy & Implementation Managers based at our Perrigo Portugal location! Carolina joined the business in 2019 as a trainee, and below she shares with us her experience to date, including some rather exciting achievements!


How long have you worked here? Can you tell us more about your role and background? I have been working for Perrigo since 2019. I am a pharmacist and, previously worked in an Investigation Team and simultaneously in a Pharmacy. Perrigo was my first multi-national company experience. Being a Pharmacist is an added value to my work because it allows me to know all the products and adapt to all the legislation we need to comply with. I am a Customer Strategy & Implementation Manager and I am responsible for defining the POS strategy and the promotional plan for our brands as well as the Modern Trade Clients. Nowadays, I also manage everything related to promotional packs. 

What made you decide to join Perrigo? I knew Perrigo as a client and what impressed me about Perrigo is that it is a company that cares about the consumers' necessities and every stakeholder involved in the self-care business. For example, Perrigo is not only worried about selling but also about visibility and training. Perrigo knows that if it helps its partners to sell the right products to the right consumer, it will increase future selling opportunities.

How has your career progressed since you joined Perrigo? I started as a Marketing Trainee. After two months, I was invited to continue my internship as CSI manager due to a sudden vacancy and business demand. Nowadays, I am the "bridge" between Marketing and Sales and I have been closer to Modern Trade clients. I would love to have an opportunity in the sales department as I want to become a strategic partner and advisor to the clients, discovering new opportunities to work together for mutual benefit. In my current role, I already define strategies and deal with clients from a customer strategy and implementation perspective, although I would like to approach the clients with a commercial strategy. I would also like to have an international experience. 

What keeps you at Perrigo? People and Culture are the two main pillars for me to continue working in Perrigo. People are passionate about their work. They are collaborative and always try to help you even when they are working in different time zones! 

What is your favourite part of your role? My favorite part is the cross-functional collaboration projects when people from different teams join forces to work together. I also love to deal with clients, present them with new brands/products and solutions to the problems the retailers are facing.

What is your career highlight so far? I received a PERRIGO SPOT AWARD. This award is due to my essential contribution to the success of our Innovation Day 2021. At the time there was a transition period with our Trade Marketing Team Manager as they were leaving for maternity leave, I undertook a high sense of responsibility and successfully managed eight sessions with our Top Clients. I directly managed our third-party agency (contents´ producer) and acted as a Moderator during the Sessions. After this event, I was responsible for 2 more events (+ 450 registrations), one of which was for pharmacists in partnership with Colgate-Palmolive and all were a success. Managing and Leading Teams without formal authority is something I have been learning throughout these projects and I think it will be a key skill in my professional career. 

What would you say to people thinking about applying to Perrigo? Perrigo will allow you to learn on the job with a supportive Management Team. Perrigo Teams will welcome and support you every time you need. We are a passionate team that will do everything to achieve the company's objectives. In Perrigo, you will have growth opportunities and I do not doubt that you will become an excellent professional. We are a multi-national company nevertheless, we still maintain our founder's agility and the ability to change if necessary. If you are willing and eager to take this opportunity, sacrifice, and work every day to build profitable brands all over the world, then you should upload your CV today!

How would you describe the company culture? Agile - We frequently reassess and redirect our course of action to adjust to the changes (eg: Covid-19) and achieve our company objectives. In our positions, we also have the opportunity to work outside our job description. Passionate - We are driven and go the extra mile every day. Our Management Team motivates us to give our all to the job and guarantee the company's future. Flexible - Work/Life balance is crucial for Perrigo. We can manage to work remotely and have flexible schedules. 

What do you like about life at Perrigo? Perrigo gives me a daily opportunity to bring our brands to life and, also have a positive impact on improving people's lives. I can cooperate with many departments and know the various functions of the company. Perrigo also has a great social responsibility in the community which is something I value.

And finally, one of life's important you prefer Tea or Coffee?! I prefer White Tea with no sugar. I love it! 😊 


We are always looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our teams at Perrigo. Take your next career step today and check out our live vacancies!