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A Spotlight on..... Sam Druce

Sam Druce

Sam Druce is a Senior National Account Manager, E-Commerce with our UK Commercial Sales team. Sam joined Perrigo in 2017 and has held four different positions within the Sales function. Find out what Sam thinks about life at Perrigo and why he believes this is the best place to build his career!


How long have you worked at Perrigo?  It has been four years since I joined Perrigo! Previously, I held sales roles at a leading FMCG company and a start-up Sportswear brand. Unsurprisingly, so much has changed since I joined Perrigo those four years ago! I’ve worked in our UK Sales team, across various channels and currently, I am a Senior National Account Manager on our E-Commerce Channel. Navigating through the many challenges that a growing channel brings, particularly these past 12 months, has been super interesting given the mass uncertainty around changes in shopping behaviours. Building out the road map with our customers and setting the foundations for future growth in this channel are key aspects of my role!

What made you decide to join Perrigo? The most exciting part about joining Perrigo was having the opportunity to work with the people I met during the interview process! They were so positive about the culture and work ethic that I just knew Perrigo was the right place for me. Knowing that our self-care products genuinely make a difference to peoples’ lives daily was also a major driver! 

How has your career progressed since you joined Perrigo? I am now in my fourth role in four years! This has been made possible by the hugely supportive management team who have encouraged me to have the transparent conversations about my personal development. Next for me, would be to look at roles with a bigger focus on team leadership or broader strategic roles within customer strategy in the UK or across the continent! Perrigo, in my experience, are very supportive of employees exploring their professional potential! 
What keeps you at Perrigo? I mentioned it earlier, but I’ve been very lucky to have the support of my line managers and access to forums with the Executive team. At times, it hasn’t always been the ‘yes’ that I wanted, but being heard is vital! One thing we do really well here is to encourage active listening of our customer’s voice - this enables visibility at all levels and presents the opportunity for us all to to step up and present in front of senior stakeholders.

What is your favourite part of your role? Be it virtually or in person, nothing beats meeting with our customers to discuss new products or new strategies. That is the main reason I went into sales all those years ago. Outside of that, supporting the strategic direction that we take within e-commerce across the UK through our newly formed Theme Team, is really enjoyable. It’s a chance to collaborate cross functionally and map out what is really important for our customers. We are always thinking about new ways to get our products into the hands of consumers across the UK!

What is your career highlight so far? I think making some bold investment strategies when I first took over my channel in 2019 and seeing those materialise through 2020 was very satisfying. I’d also say that working as part of various project teams to drive business success has been hugely rewarding! I had the chance to connect with individuals that I had not worked with previously and I witnessed that same ‘can do’ attitude that I experienced when I interviewed in 2017! This really showcased that I made the right decision in joining Perrigo!

What would you say to people thinking about applying to Perrigo? Do it - Clear vision and great leadership alongside a hugely diverse product range that is continuously expanding! I can’t think of a better time to join!

How would you describe the company culture? A company’s culture is defined by the character and personality of its people, and I’d say that one of the most positive things here is how people interact, collaborate, and get along with one another. Having a clear company vision, goals, and behaviours are all vitally important to achieving that; this is something that is inspiring, as well as enabling. 

What do you like about life at Perrigo? Personally, I really like that there is the opportunity to have your ideas heard in forums with the Leadership Team (where appropriate of course) at any level. Even though the UK is part of a big corporate beast, it still has the feel of a start-up.

And finally, an important life question - are you a Tea or Coffee person? Coffee… although I can’t wait for the tea run in the office to return!! 


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